Authenticity is No Accident

Two Families With Shared Values

Calzoleria Toscana is not simply a shoe company. We are the combination of two families guided by three core values: passion for pursuing the highest quality at all times, commitment to putting the customer first, and integrity in everything we do. Producing and distributing some of the finest handcrafted Italian shoes on the planet is not our job. It is our life’s work. We don’t take shortcuts. We don’t cut corners. We don’t settle for anything we’re not proud to put our name on.

Outline of Italy

From Italy

The first Toscana family has been making shoes in Florence since the 1950s. Over three generations, they’ve mastered the art of fine shoemaking down to its most minute details. Leather and last is in their blood and every shoe they create is handcrafted, hand-painted, and certified 100% made in Italy.  

Outline of NY

To New York

The second Toscana family is a father-daughter duo with a powerful vision to share Toscana with the world. Starting from little more than deep belief in the quality of the craftsmanship, they risked comfort and stability by using their own savings to open up shop in the basement of the family home.

Two Families. One Passion.

We place deep value on communication and the power of integrity. Calzoleria Toscana is not just our business. It is our family name and that means everything. Every day, we work together to provide the best experience we can for our employees, our customers, and each other. Excellence is our expectation and we accept no exceptions.