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Since 1958 and for over three generations, Calzoleria Toscana has been handcrafting high quality shoes made in Florence, Italy. Toscana is proud to offer a wide array of seasonal styles delivered right to your doorstep providing the utmost personalized customer service. Toscana Shoes are made by our artisans to be stylish, comfortable, and durable. Discover the world of fine Italian craftsmanship.

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
Ok, not only are these boots great-looking, they are also incredible comfortable. Even on day one, they've felt like a pair of boots that I've owned for years. The quality is remarkable and I've received a number of compliments on them within the first week of wearing them. Living in NYC, I've bought many boots to weather the winter and none compare to this pair. HIGHLY recommended!
— Brandon P
Customer Reviews
I love these chelsea boot! They are so well made, comfortable and have enough grip to get me through the fall and into winter in the wild weather of Montana. The camo print is super versatile. I am always get compliments when I wear them out. Waiting for them to come out in more colors!
— Meghan B.
Customer Reviews
Ask the title states, the shoe was so nice I had to buy it twice. I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought the white one as well. I also bought the white alligator belt. The look is for nominal The quality is magnificent and the service was impeccable. I’m looking forward to purchasing more exotic shoes from you guys.
— Kevin C.
Customer Reviews
This is a unique and comfortable shoe. It reminds me of the Bottega Veneta collection. I would give this shoe six-stars for appearance; value and comfort!
— Joseph M.