A Lifetime of Passion in Every Pair

Three generations of craftsmanship have taught us the most important lesson of all: there are no shortcuts to quality

Sourcing The Finest Materials

Our process starts by sourcing the finest materials from across the globe to our workshop in Florence, Italy. From there, our team of artisanal craftsmen dedicate their passion and expertise to a process that results in shoes and belts that are proudly 100% made in Italy.

Our Hand-Painted Technique

Our chemical free dyes produce rich colors without changing the material's texture. Toscana artisans apply these dyes using a manual hand-painting technique that creates shoes with a glossy patina that's truly a one-of-a-kind detail.

Skillfully Crafting Every Piece

We use the traditional Blake construction technique to give shoes a lightweight flexibility. Our craftsmen shape the leather and stitch the upper to the insole before finishing the process by buffing each pair up to a brilliant, eye-catching shine.

Quality Testing at All Stages

Our shoes are produced by a dedicated team of artisans, each with a different well-practiced specialty. Throughout the process, our team carefully examines the product to ensure the color, fit, and construction meets our highest standards.