Calzoleria Toscana Italian Handcrafted Slip-Ons and Loafers

Pilati Calzoleria Toscana Double Gore Slip-On

Let the Pilati take your look to new heights. The medallion toe elevates the classic design, and the double gore allows for easy slip on and off making it a versatile style.

2515 Calzoleria Toscana Buff Calf Driver

The Toscana Buff Calf Driver was designed to be an everyday comfortable slip-on that is easy to wear. This timeless style should be a part of your wardrobe.

Z893 Calzoleria Toscana Silver Low Vamp Slip-On

Stand out and make a bold, fashionable statement in the Z893 Double Monkstrap Slip-On. It's been worn by Nick Kosir aka The Dancing Weatherman. Available in Red and Blue.

H614 Calzoleria Toscana Silver Tassel Slip-On

Step into an elegant and versatile style that can easily be dressed up and dressed down. The Chestnut color adds a richness to your wardrobe and elevates your dress and dress casual looks.

4445 Calzoleria Toscana Suede Dress Casual Sneaker

Make an eye-catching statement in the 4445 Calzoleria Toscana Casual Sneaker. It will add a pop of color and be the standout shoe in your shoe collection.

5124 Calzoleria Toscana Baby Nile Crocodile Driver

Discover Italian luxury and finesse in the 5124 Genuine Baby Nile Crocodile Driver. It's comfortable, lightweight and adds a touch of luxury to any outfit.

8675 Calzoleria Toscana Ostrich Driver

The 8675 is the intersection of where luxury meets comfort. It's handcrafted by artisans in a true moccasin construction which makes it flexible and durable.

3238-M Calzoleria Toscana Ostrich Dress Loafer

Step into a beautiful and premium genuine ostrich quill loafer that is the epitome of luxury and style. Available in two colors.

7839 Calzoleria Toscana Elba Dress Casual Sneaker

Discover comfort from the first step. The Elba is handcrafted with the softest leathers that easily mold to your foot with every step you take.

5034 Calzoleria Toscana Crocodile Slip-On

The 5034 Genuine Crocodile Slip-On is a sophisticated yet versatile piece that compliments both your corporate and dress casual looks.

Enea Calzoleria Toscana Slip-On Woven Sneaker

No wardrobe is complete without a statement piece. The Enea features intricately hand-woven artisan details that make it a unique style.

Q540 Calzoleria Toscana Wholecut Slip-On

The Q540 Loafer is crafted with a single piece of leather. Its classic style bestows elegance and sophistication making it perfect for any occasion.

Calzoleria Toscana has been producing high quality footwear and accessories for over three generations in the heart of Italy. With a wide seasonal range of styles, from boots, lace ups, loafers, drivers and sneakers, Toscana shoes are made to be timeless yet modern, durable and comfortable.


100% Certified Made in Italy


Hand-painted and Handcrafted by Generational Shoe Artisans


Sustainable and Organic Vegetable Dyes

2515 Calzoleria Toscana Buff Calf Driver

Slip into a comfortable pair of the Calzoleria Toscana Dip-Dyed Driver. The leather is treated in our dip-dyed process that results in a soft and supple leather that bends with every step that you take. It’s a perfect everyday staple designed for versatility, comfort, and durability. Available in four colors.